Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Copy 2 Online (C2O) application?

Application which provides to hold copy history in online platform. To make it clear with a scenario, assume that you want to access any text which you hold in your desktop through browser easily then copy the text with "Ctrl + C" or "Command + C". You are going to be seeing the same text in your favourite browser at the same time. We're going to be storing the text you copied till you delete it.

These texts could be URL, IBAN number, the some piece of code, news, citizen identity number, math formulas etc.

The yet another scenario is this, assume that you are the user which use copy/paste many times. Copy 2 Online can be very useful for that users who copy text from one screen then switch and paste them to second screen one by one. With C2O, they can copy the all of text without switching to second screen and paste all of them after the cursor by using the copy history popup.

On which platforms can I use the Copy 2 Online?

The devices which have Windows 7/8/8.1/10, OS X (Apple computers), iOS (Apple phones), Android, Linux Ubuntu/Debian operating systems. Additionally, you can have access from any browser via

To download Copy 2 Online (C2O), please visit

What is Copy History?

The list which holds all text you copied around your devices. Through copy history, users can access previous data and paste them to any places.

How many kind of users are there?

Two kinds of users, one of them which use as unpaid (Free) and second one is paid users (Premium).

On how many different devices can I use Copy 2 Online?

For free users, two sessions can be opened at the same time. If the third session is opened in any device, one of the previous session will be closed.

For premium users, unlimited sessions can be opened independent from devices.

Can I see and search all copy history items?

Free users can see last 10 items and search among last 10 items. Premium users can see and search on all data which is copied previously.


Can I use PayPal?

Unfortunately no, for now, we support only the credit card based payments but we're planning to augment the payment methods in the future.

What happens after the expiration date?

It will be renewed by using the last credit card you made the payment that we hold in "Paratika" payment system which has PCI-DSS certificate.

I don't want to renew my membership, what do I need to do?

You need to cancel your membership if you don't renew. But you can use Copy 2 Online during the remaining membership.

How many characters do I hold per copied item in copy history?

For Premium user 1000 characters, for free user 100 characters maximum.

1000 characters are not enough for per item. How can I increase it?

1000 characters are maximum limitation for premium users but we're working about increasing the character limitation.

How can I send my advice(s)/complaint(s)/idea(s) to Copy 2 Online Team?

At the bottom of the menu in the applications, there are feedback popup, by using this screen you can send any message.

The second way you send idea/advice/complaint is to send an email to [email protected]

You should know that all feedback is crucial and we can easily say that they will be evaluated.

Already now, thanks for your feedback.