Access and View Clipboard History

Copy 2 Online is a cloud-based multiplatform clipboard manager that allows you to access, view, and manage your copy history.


Copy a text and it will not be lost.


Copy any text while working, writing, coding, researching, or for another personal use and then manage them for your needs by accessing the clipboard history.

Access, view, and manage clipboard history.

Access Clipboard History

Your copy history is saved here and you can access them from there exactly when you need it. View and easily manage what you copied in your clipboard history.

Supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Copy it on the desktop, access it on your mobile, or view it on your tablet. However you wish! Copy 2 Online currently supports Windows, Linux, macOS, and Web platforms.

Super fast search on accumulated data of yours.


You can easily search through what you copied and find what you want.

Get the statistics related to your clipboard history.


You can see how much you copied in which month or on which day.

Search through your copy history easily.

Easy Use on Desktop

In the Copy 2 Online Desktop App, with just one click no matter which window or application you are in; you can search through what you copied or access your clipboard history easily.

Copy 2 Online is free to use.

Free Use

You can sign up to Copy 2 Online for free and use with limited features.

Pay with any credit/debit card.

Easy Pay

You can easily pay with your credit or debit card.